Five Thjngs Friday: Treadmill Running

Friday, March 14, 2014

I haven't talked about running a while. Mostly because things have been going really well and I haven't wanted to jinx it. 

Since its Friday, here are five things about treadmill running. 

I have been doing my speed work/intervals on the treadmill lately. I typically avoid the treadmill like the plague, but I've caved on this one. Speed work is difficult is enough without adding in the hills and wind speed El Paso is throwing at me. Also, because I'm too lazy to program my Garmin ahead of time. 

The most annoying thing about running on a treadmill: no snot rockets. TMI? Haha, maybe. All you runners know you do it when you are outside. Last week I was stuck on the treadmill when my nose started running. I suffered through wiping it constantly before I finally hopped off to get a paper towel. This week I got smart and grabbed a paper towel to keep in the little cup holder before I started. 

I've found that it is much more difficult to transition between fast and slow speeds on the treadmill. I've been hopping onto the side rails while I switch speeds. In those few seconds of standing, my heart rate skyrockets until I get moving again. I think I should probably stay on the belt while I move the speed up and down. 

Perceived effort is definitely increased on the treadmill. The first couple speed work runs I did outside. It was almost too easy. On the treadmill, it feels like work. If the point of speed work is push yourself to the limit, maybe there is more benefit from doing on the treadmill. I suppose the physiological effect would be the same because the speeds are the same. Maybe it is more of a mental benefit then. 

The one thing that never happens on the treadmill: the cool down mile. Every time I start, I tell myself that I'm going to do it. This time I will get it done. Annnnnnd, it never seems to happen. Sometimes I make it a quarter or a mile or so...but never the full mile. The only reason the cool down mile happens outside is because I'm far away from my starting point and I have to get back. Haha...

Welp, there you go. Those are five of the things I think about treadmill running. 

Happy Friday!

Five Things Friday: Procrastination Edition

Friday, February 28, 2014

Another five, random things for you this Friday...

It is 9 in the morning and I should already be at the gym lifting chest/triceps. But I'm not. I'm still here on my couch with my coffee and my cuddly puppy. I am enjoying this so much I've decided to procrastinate even longer by typing out this blog post instead of getting my ass off the couch and to the gym. 

My poor Jetta took a turn for the worst this week. On Wednesday, my busiest of all days, my car decided it didn't want to work anymore as I was driving to the gym. The check engine lights started flashing and things went downhill from there. Luckily, I live very close to a Volkswagon dealership so I just turned around and drove straight there. My poor car will be there at least until Monday getting fixed. Since I am going to be spending a fortune, they were kind enough to let me borrow a loaner car in the meantime. I am currently driving an executive edition CC. Let me just say, this car is awesome. If I weren't weighing the pros of buying an American made car (ie: less expensive repairs...damn you German engineering) I would consider buying this car. 

Matt had a Change of Command Ceremony on Wednesday. I was supposed to be there, so naturally my car chose that day to stop working. It all worked out though because I made it, in time, looking pretty. Unfortunately, I missed my coffee date with Amy though. Anyway, I kind of love some of the Army traditions and symbolism involved in a change of command. There were speeches, the passing of the guidon, and some formation type stuff. They even gave me flowers (which surprised me because I am not a spouse). I am (not so) patiently waiting for the pictures to be posted on Facebook. The soldier taking the photos showed me on the camera that looks like it will be a really nice photo. I want it. And I will continue to stalk the Facebook page until it appears. 

Times like these, when I'm typing a lot of my phone, makes me miss my BlackBerry. The iPhone is fine. I use a lot of apps that I couldn't get on the BlackBerry (I'm looking at you Instagram), but I hate typing on this thing. I have to go back and fix at least one mistake per sentence. I'm fully aware that is probably a result if user error, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. If I were to tweet that, I would probably hashtag it #firstworldproblems. 

Tomorrow is the start of National Athletic Training Month! I have a special post planned out about athletic training, and more specifically, the job setting I currently work in. Industrial athletic training is a little known setting and I'm super excited about bringing a little more exposure to it. So you should be excited too. At least pretend. Thanks. :) 

Well, I suppose I can't procrastinate any longer. Off to the gym...

R+F Giveaway WINNER!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

First of all, thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Summer Skin Protection Package! Even if you didn't win, I sincerely hope you check out their product line. I have found it to be totally worth it. If you have any questions about my experience with the Rodan+Fields products, I would be happy to answer them! I am also 100% sure Samantha would be happy to talk to you about the products as well. Send her an email at to get more information!

And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Amy for being the giveaway winner! An email is coming your way!

Susie Homemaker in the Making: My First Quilt

Monday, February 24, 2014

As I have mentioned, I'm getting really into this quilting thing. Last week, I finished my first quilt.

Obviously, an American Flag is appropriate for any military household. Hanging it by the ribbon was a last minute decision. I think it gives it a little something extra.

I used this pattern by Robinson Pattern Company, but I added a few inches to the length so it would come out closer to 3'x5'. After washing it, the finished size is 33"x54".

This quilt is perfect for beginners and super beginners. The piecing is really forgiving. So if your seams aren't that exact "scant 1/4" seam, it's okay. No one will notice. Plus cutting the fabric didn't take long at all because it is a bunch of strips and a large rectangle. Really, you can't mess this up.

I quilted it with straight lines on the stripes and a cross hatch pattern on the blue. I briefly considered doing stars in white thread on the blue section, but I think that is a bit above my current skill level. So I just turned the straight lines on an angle to give it a little different look.

The backing is probably my favorite part. I really loved this fabric. Added bonus, the squiggly lines don't show errors in stitching or puckers. Plus, it is fun. Even though this quilt is meant as a wall hanging and no one will see the back, I know it's a fun fabric and that makes me happy.

Overall, I'm really pleased with it...and I've already started my next project. :)

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Five Things Friday

Friday, February 21, 2014

Another five things this Friday....

I am going to a race this weekend as a spectator to cheer for Amy as she runs the marathon. I am so excited. I am going to make a sign. ... and maybe buy a cowbell. I hear the El Paso Marathon doesn't have the best crowd support, so I am hoping it will be easy to pick a good spot on the course. I haven't looked at the course map yet, but I am thinking somewhere in the 16-21 mile range.

I am very much considering making a small quilt for charity. My ultimate goal is to make a quilt for our bed, but I want more practice before I commit to a project that big (both literally and figuratively). I have a couple projects I'm working on (place mats for me and a birthday present for my mom), but after that I think I am going to work on a charity quilt. I've done a small amount of research and there are organizations that give a handmade blanket to children in hospitals. Some organizations will even send you a kit with a pattern and fabric. How nice is that?

My gym has weird lighting. By weird, I mean it is not lit very well at all. It has a black/red theme throughout. The combination of black walls and few lights would be appropriate for a club or bar, but seems a little out of place at the gym. It is something I never really paid attention to before, but on Tuesday I used a treadmill for my interval run. I had to use the backlight from phone to see what the buttons were on the treadmill. Once I got going, it wasn't a big deal, but still, kind of weird. Like running at night...but inside.

Speaking of treadmill running, I noticed two differences from running outside. One, my perceived effort was increased. I feel faster (at a comparable pace) outside with less effort. Two, my left piriformis was tighter. I have never had pirifomris pain before, but I definitely noticed it while on a treadmill. Just something to pay attention to I guess.

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